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Excellent, great work! ^-^

I loved it, great animation.
Especially liked my brothers cameo appearance.
I'll be looking forward to more of your animations in the near future. (Hopefully)

BritishMoose responds:

Thanks for checking out my stuff, I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^

You need to put more thought into your animation

Heads moving around and around from a full on front is not really good, perhaps make some fbf movements of the head, anything its really just all tweened movement which is kind of rubbish. Also, I didn't know they were fishes at first, perhaps draw them better okay?

Its pretty nicely animated and drawned.

However, it lacked point and storyline. If you add these two it can become a good movie and please have some voice acting or something.

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Wait what?

What was the objective of this game?
I was confused by the actual purpose of this game, and the interface made no sense.

Right, few things need adding.

1) Some different music or a mute button.
2) More backgrounds and possibly a drawn wall.
3) Better drawn.
4) Power ups and stuff to make the game more fun.

Other then that, you got the right idea on the action scripting side.

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Woot hell yeah!

I'm glad to see people taking my advice, (from your last tutorial) dude this tutorial is really good now, only suggestion I reccomened now is making the flash clearer, some people might not know what the onion skinning button is (lol noobs) so just make it a lil more clearer for them. Other then that, excellent work, better then your last tutorial.

Musee responds:

Well, uh... Look at the title,'INTERMEDIATE Flash Tutorial,'.
It's not really made for their standard, anyway I thought that if you watched my tutorial you would have already known about FBF, but I was just sharing some techniques of my own.

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